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Teaching Chemistry in Higher Education celebrates the contributions of Professor Tina Overton to the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning in chemistry education. Leading educators in United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia—three countries where Tina has had enormous impact and influence—have contributed chapters on innovative approaches that are well-established in their own practice.

Each chapter introduces the key education literature underpinning the approach being described. Rationales are discussed in the context of attributes and learning outcomes desirable in modern chemistry curricula. True to Tina’s personal philosophy, chapters offer pragmatic and useful guidance on the implementation of innovative teaching approaches, drawing from the authors’ experience of their own practice and evaluations of their implementation.

Each chapter also offers key guidance points for implementation in readers’ own settings so as to maximise their adaptability. Chapters are supplemented with further reading and supplementary materials on the book’s website (overtonfestschrift.wordpress.com). Chapter topics include innovative approaches in facilitating group work, problem solving, context- and problem-based learning, embedding transferable skills, and laboratory education—all themes relating to the scholarly interests of Professor Tina Overton.

About the Editors:
Michael Seery is Professor of Chemistry Education at the University of Edinburgh, and is Editor of Chemistry Education Research and Practice. Claire Mc Donnell is Assistant Head of School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Technological University Dublin.


We have invited authors who work in themes related to Tina’s interests in the UK, Ireland, and Australia. We are delighted that the following will be leading a chapter (often with co-authors from their institution):

  • Jenny Burnham, University of Sheffield
  • Jane Essex, University of Strathclyde
  • Suzanne Fergus, University of Hertfordshire
  • Aishling Flaherty, University of Limerick
  • James Gaynor, University of Liverpool
  • Katherine Haxton, Keele University
  • Julie Hyde, University of Sheffield
  • Simon Lancaster, University of East Anglia
  • Gwen Lawrie, University of Queensland
  • Claire Mc Donnell, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • David McGarvey, Keele University
  • Nimesh Mistry, University of Leeds
  • Christine O’Connor, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Tina Overton, Monash University
  • Samantha Pugh, University of Leeds
  • Chris Randles, Purdue University
  • David Read, University of Southampton
  • Natalie Rowley, University of Birmingham
  • Barry Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Gita Sedghi, University of Liverpool
  • Michael Seery, University of Edinburgh
  • Dudley Shallcross, University of Bristol
  • Jenny Slaughter, University of Manchester
  • Dan Southam, Curtin University
  • Dino Spagnoli, University of Western Australia
  • Christopher Thompson, Monash University
  • Patrick Thomson, University of Strathclyde
  • Kristy Turner, University of Manchester and Bolton School
  • Elizabeth Yuriev, Monash University
  • Dylan Williams, University of Leicester